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Find the Right Fit

Working for a large organization allowed me to participate in many functions of the business, sometimes even outside my traditional job responsibilities.  While my position was not focused on recruiting, I soon discovered that I really enjoyed interviewing and selecting … Continue reading

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Creating Your Professional Identity

Who you are is what you do. When I first began my career in communications, I was so fresh I spent most of my time trying to understand – and survive in – this brand new world.  As time went … Continue reading

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Responding to Children and Adults Alike

On Monday morning, my family and I were driving back to Milwaukee from a weekend away, when we learned of the tragedy that befell the Sikh community in Oak Creek.  We were stunned, angered, and saddened by this senseless act … Continue reading

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The Secret Power of Introverts

A friend of mine recently posted an article on his facebook page that caught my attention. It’s from and is entitled “The Secret Power of Introverts”.  In it, the author explains that the American workplace tends to favor, and … Continue reading

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How to Make Work Life Balance Work

As an expecting mother and a professional, the topic of work/life balance is on my mind.  I’m left wondering…Can I have it all?  More and more I’m starting to realize that the work/life balance equation is specific and unique to … Continue reading

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Natural Tendencies: Exposed

In our last post we posed a question about responsibility versus accountability.  I’ve been thinking about the difference as I’ve experienced my day to day over the last few weeks.  One moment in particular stands out.  It was an unusually “rough” … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops Here

We’ve all heard the phrase “passing the buck” to mean passing on responsibility to someone else.  The meaning of the phrase originates in poker, when a marker or “buck” was passed to the person who was responsible for dealing the … Continue reading

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Back to Basics

I’m lucky enough to see my family just about every week. My mom and I often get together to catch up and share stories.  I like hearing about the interesting work she’s doing with her clients, and she’s a great … Continue reading

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The “R” Word

Recognition… Do a simple google search and you’ll find there are endless theories, books, articles and philosophies about recognition.  It’s a topic of great conversation because it has a clear and distinct connection to employee satisfaction and retention….When done well. … Continue reading

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What’s in a Question?

Working for a company that has over 100,000 employees, I estimate that more than 90% of my work is done in partnership with others.  I must assert my opinion, yet not be too forceful.  I must provide clarity and direction … Continue reading

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