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Intergenerational Lessons

My husband and I have the privilege of spending time with our 15-month old grandson, Nash.  It’s been a long time since I’ve thought about child-raising issues, so I am happy to receive wisdom from my daughter’s knowledge and the … Continue reading

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Repair and Return

   I’m getting ready to participate in a communications session that addresses the topic of conversational tones. In short, we will ask the question, “How can we navigate difficult conversations where there are divergent views on an issue? How can … Continue reading

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Communication Rituals

   Many books have been written on the benefits of rituals. Healthy family rituals can offer stability; meaningful love rituals may enhance trust; well-managed company rituals can serve as motivators and morale boosters. Communication choices also can become ritualized; i.e. we … Continue reading

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Can You Hear Your Emails?

I’ve been thinking about several emails I recently sent to clients, and I’ve been wondering if my tone may have been misunderstood. In my haste to send a message, I think I may have neglected to listen to what I … Continue reading

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