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The Challenge of Multiple Roles in the Workplace

I have developed a deep appreciation for people whose job it is to manage their multiple roles and identities in the workplace.  Here’s what I mean… Linda is responsible for generating sales for her mid-sized company.  Much of her time … Continue reading

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30-Day Touch Base Conversation

       I am a big fan of ongoing and effective feedback in the workplace. New hires especially have a right to know if they are on the right track, and we owe it to them to be intentional about providing … Continue reading

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Find the Right Fit

Working for a large organization allowed me to participate in many functions of the business, sometimes even outside my traditional job responsibilities.  While my position was not focused on recruiting, I soon discovered that I really enjoyed interviewing and selecting … Continue reading

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Confident Parents Confident Kids

  Happy New Year! I hope 2013 has started out well for you. I want to share with you a new blog that I think is terrific! Jenn Miller is an educator to schools and parents.  In light of today’s current events, … Continue reading

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Consider the Process

  I recently admitted to colleagues that I’m becoming quite a “process person.” Translation: I’m paying more attention these days to HOW issues get discussed and HOW decisions are made.  For most of my life I was (and perhaps still am … Continue reading

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“I’m just a…”

    “I’m just a…” Years ago my mother-in-law (a career educator) came for a visit.  We strolled the neighborhood one evening, and I was able to introduce her to one of our neighbors, Susan.  During the course of our … Continue reading

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More on “Too Skilled to Lose”

     This week I posted a comment about the challenge that comes with terminating skilled workers.  My friend and colleague, Genevieve Daniels, responded with: “I’ve worked in both environments, one where a co-worker’s behavior was addressed through being “let go” … Continue reading

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