A Little Help from our Friends

This entry is dedicated to people who have enriched my learning, thinking, and understanding of the issues that affect all work and personal relationships.  I introduce these friends and their organizations knowing that their thoughts and wisdom will be great resources to those of you who read this blog.

Let me introduce…

Bea Larsen

Bea V. Larsen is an attorney and senior mediator at the Center for Resolution of Disputes in Cincinnati, Ohio www.cfrdmediation.com.  I had the pleasure of working with Bea on several projects, and she continues to be one of my wisest and thought-filled friends.  Her blog will introduce you to a myriad of relationship dynamics that she has observed and facilitated.  For those of you interested in how to find common ground, you will enjoy her wit and wisdom. Visit her at www.bealarsen.com.

David Carr

David Carr

David Carr describes himself as a “Husband, father, friend, Living-Out-Loud Facilitator,  AHA! Creator, Go-Be-Do Coach and Pattern Interrupter.”  I worked with Dave on several teambuilding projects when we both lived in the Cincinnati area, and his in-depth understanding of group dynamics has enhanced the effectiveness of schools, corporations, churches and student groups.  His talents currently reside at Montreat College in North Carolina. Visit Dave at http://carrpediem.blogspot.com.  (Don’t miss his recent entry, “You Can’t Duct Tape Your Way to Success!”)

Jennifer Smith Miller

I met Jenn when she was a freshman student at Xavier University in Cincinnati.  What started as a student-teacher relationship evolved into a true collegial friendship.  I am inspired by her work with educators and her commitment to peaceful academic environments.  She guides schools and faculties through a comprehensive school improvement process based on building a more caring, connected school community.  If you or your school is interested in the key principles of social-emotional learning, contact Jenn at www.jennifermillerconsulting.com.

Definity Partners

Ten years ago I entered into a relationship with a talented group of young associates dedicated to process improvement.  Definity Partners, in Mason, Ohio, continues to bring sustainable solutions to manufacturing, health service, not-for-profits and business organizations. They have single-handedly taught me what it means to simplify, enhance, standardize and drive out waste!  Their blog introduces readers to their very best practices.  If you are interested in practical applications for continuous improvement, you will want to follow their articles at www.definitypartners.com/blog and their web site, www.definitypartners.com.

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4 Responses to A Little Help from our Friends

  1. Craig says:

    Great resources! I’m looking forward to reviewing some of these new materials. Thanks for sharing…

  2. Gen says:

    What a nice write up on these resources – I will definitely check them out/pass them along. Thanks!

  3. Marisa says:

    Wonderful blog/website Pearce/Pierce’s! I have passed this along to my husband who is at a leadership conference these next few weeks in hopes of moving up in his company (Exelon). He has been chosen to lead a group of 25 (engineers predominately), which will give a presentation at the tail end of this conference on “Motivation in the industry.” The are simply starting with asking the question, “What motivates you?” Any information or direction you can provide would be great!! So proud of you guys!! Go GENERALLY SPEAKING!!

  4. Lane Pierce says:

    Thanks all! And Marisa – Yes! Motivation is such an important leadership topic. We will make sure to discuss it on Generally Speaking soon. In the meantime, a book I can recommend is Drive by Daniel Pink. He asserts motivating others all comes down to three things: Providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose. It’d be a great read for your husband!

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