How to Make Work Life Balance Work

Lane (Pearce) Pierce, daughter of Deborah Pearce, is a learning and development professional at Kohl's Department Stores.

As an expecting mother and a professional, the topic of work/life balance is on my mind.  I’m left wondering…Can I have it all?  More and more I’m starting to realize that the work/life balance equation is specific and unique to each person, and that more than likely, it’s something we need to build for ourselves.  Organizations have made significant strides in this area, but often, we need to be our own best advocates.

I feel most inspired by hearing from those who have made it work for themselves.  Recently, our friend and colleague David Carr of Carpe Diem passed along an interesting video.  Check out Nigel Marsh, a best-selling author, renowned CEO and performance coach as he discusses this very issue on TED.

I’d love to hear your reaction!

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4 Responses to How to Make Work Life Balance Work

  1. Liz Flattery says:

    Thanks for sharing this video, Lane. I have been wrestling with this idea as well. I had been thinking of going back to school to get a Phd. but I realized that now would not be the best time. It wouldn’t be in the best interest of my family to not be completely present while at home. I have really cut back on my obligations to school too, and this video just made me feel so much better. Life really is about so much more than money. We do need to redefine our idea of a well-lived life. I’m going to share this with Greg too :) .

  2. nicole says:

    Loved the video, Lane! Thanks for sharing. Hope your pregnancy is going well!

  3. Tara Amis says:

    Great topic, Lane, and what a powerful video. To me, work-life balance is a daily struggle and I feel like I continually walk a tight rope. I try to self-correct so I don’t go too far one way or the other. Sometimes I fall on my face but over time I have learned to put up boundaries so that I stay in balance more times than not.

  4. Lane Pierce says:

    Thanks for your thoughts! I agree Liz…timing is a critical factor in professional change, adjustments, additions, etc. And boundaries are necessary to find the middle ground that works for you. What interests me most about this particular topic is that for all of us, the formula is consistently changing. What works one year, one month, or even one week might not work the next. It’s a good lesson in being able to adjust and flex to all the moving parts in our lives.

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