What I do is who I am.


 I’m getting ready to conduct a communication session with a group of high school women. During our time together we will explore the statement, “What I do is who I am.”

 This is a tough concept.

 As I reflect on my own life, I remember many times when I was apt to say, “That’s not the real me. I acted that way because… (insert the explanation/excuse for my bad behavior here)…”

 No matter how we might spin it, what we do DOES matter. It adds to the definition of who we are as people in relationship. Our actions create our identity.

 I’m glad that some people in my life have been forgiving and have given me a ‘pass’ from time-to-time when I have been less than civil.  I am fortunate to have relationships that understand I continue to be a work in progress. 

Having said this, I still need to be mindful of my actions. There comes a time when the explanations will no longer get me that pass.  There comes a time when what I do may be the real me.

Let’s own it.

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