Creating Your Professional Identity

Who you are is what you do.

When I first began my career in communications, I was so fresh I spent most of my time trying to understand – and survive in – this brand new world.  As time went on, as my skill sets grew and as relationships started to form, I realized that in addition to fulfilling my job’s responsibilities I was also painting a picture of myself, Professional Me, everyday.  Surely, I had made some missteps.  But often, I behaved in a way I was proud of – those moments when you feel authentic, assertive, and effective.  A moment that still stands out:  After facilitating a meeting with the Executive Directors of Milwaukee’s nonprofit community, one leader approached me and asked, “Are you sure you’ve only been working a few years?!?”

It feels good to be at our best.  And since those early days in the workplace I’ve thought a lot about who I want to be as a professional.  What I find most exciting is that I get to CREATE my professional identity.  We all have innate temperaments, personalities and strengths, but an identity is not something that happens to us.  We behave in such a way to create who we want to be.  At home.  At work.  And in each role we play.

That’s why Pearce Communications decided it was time to create a learning experience that explores who we are and who we want to be at work.  Creating Your Professional Identity is a new course designed to consider three areas in a person’s professional life:

  1. You: Tools to become more self aware
  2. You and Others: Tools to relate well to others
  3. You Up Front:  Tools to put your best foot forward

Whether you’ve been in the workplace 6 months or 30 years, consider what type of professional identity you’ve created for yourself.  I’ll venture to guess, like me, you’ll find a person in progress.

Want to know more? Visit our webpage where you will find a full course outline and contact information should you want to consider offering this course at your organization.


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