Available in a 4-Day Intensive Boot Camp

Coaching Supervision is an art form. It entails a philosophy of leadership that holds fast to the principle that “a supervisor is successful when employees are successful.” As such, a coaching supervisor is dedicated to building positive relationships with employees so that they are able to experience their potential in problem-solving abilities and in communication skillfulness.

Pearce Communications LLC offers Coaching Supervision in four ways:

  1. A one-day introductory session
    1. In this session participants are introduced to:
      1. The definition of Coaching Supervision
      2. A comparison between the Traditional Model of supervision and the Coaching Supervisory Model
      3. The list of skills that a Coaching Supervisor masters
      4. An abbreviated training in several of the basic skills.
  2. A two-day session
    1. In this session, the curriculum is developed to further include:
      1. An examination of the company’s culture
      2. A discussion about organizational rules
      3. Leadership feedback opportunities for participants
      4. A work style preference assessment
      5. Work in self awareness and self management
      6. The skills of effective listening
  3. A three-day session
    1. In this session, the curriculum is developed to further include:
      1. Developing a “Thinking Team”
      2. Breaking the habit of over-dependency
      3. Giving and receiving effective feedback
      4. Understanding the dynamics of motivation
  4. A four-day session – The 4-Day Boot Camp
    1. This all-inclusive series combines all discussion and training elements plus:
      1. Comprehensive training in the skills of Conflict Management
        – Understanding conflict styles
        – Identifying the unmet needs associated with conflict situations
        – Turning complaints into problem-solutions
        – Managing the conflicts that accompany change
        – Managing difficult conversations

Coaching Group Design and Facilitation:

In addition to the actual training experience, Pearce Communications LLC will partner with you to build on, reinforce and sustain new learning. We do this by designing and facilitating monthly, 2-hour coaching group sessions. Each session brings 6-8 people together to review coaching tools, examine case scenarios and work with supervisors’ real-life challenges.

These coaching groups are recommended for participants who have completed the 3 or 4 day training curriculum. A minimum of 6 months of coaching group participation is advised. After 6 months, it is our experience that many of the groups become self-sustaining, and Pearce Communications will be available to assist the groups’ emerging leaders.